EMB Dashboard

Welcome to the guide on how to navigate through the Ethnic Minority Business (EMB) dashboard. This section aims to provide you with clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience using the dashboard.

EMB Dashboard


  • Once your application has been approved , you will be able to access MSDUK dashboard as a member by clicking on portal () icon.

To access the login page, please enter your credentials. If you encounter any issues logging in, click on 'Forgot your password' and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password. For detailed instructions, please visit this link -> Password Reset

Once the right credentials are entered, you will be redirected to the dashboard.


  • The dashboard has the following information
    1. Member Dashboard
      1. Count of Active Team Members
      2. Year when you joined MSDUK
      3. Type of Membership
      4. Membership Status
    2. Navigation Bar
      1. MSDUK Connect 
      2. Company Profile
      3. Your Team 
      4. Contact MSDUK
      5. Help  Centre
  • By default, the MSDUK Connect tab is selected on the dashboard. 

1. MSDUK Connect 

  • The MSDUK Connect tab contains the database of EMB’s to help B2B businesses connect. It also allows you to see other EMB members.
  • You can click on button to go to the search page. 

  • You can filter the business by industry, geography, revenue and SIC Codes.
  • You can also search for businesses by their name. The button resets all the filters.

  • allows you to see more details about the business like the company name, address, and contact.  
  • You can also view the membership details and certifications of the businesses.

2. Company Profile

  • In this tab you can view and edit the company information, logo and details.
  • The button allows you to modify and update the details of your company that was given during the registration. Please note - Only Admis will be able to modify Company Details (More information is given in 3rd section (Your team) of this document.
  • You can download your Certificate and Membership Logo by clicking on the respective buttons as shown in the screenshot below.

  • You cannot edit the Business Name, Trading Name, Legal Structure, Year Founded, Company Registration Number and Financial details. If there are any changes to these fields please let us know at support@msduk.org.uk
  • Ownership details and Financial documents can be updated at the time of renewal.
  • Clicking on the button at the right hand side of the screen updates the information, gives a confirmation popup and takes you back to the view screen. 
  • The best way to highlight your business to the corporates is through your EMB profile.
     Corporate Users can view all EMB profiles.
  • This is what the corporates use in their decision-making process. By keeping your EMB profile up to date, it makes sure you do not miss out on opportunities and have higher chances of winning introductions as well as corporate contracts. 
  • Your EMB profile is also key when corporate members are looking to arrange 121’s at our signature events like our Business Opportunity Days.
  • All EMB users can view other EMB profiles which can help when looking to collaborate, network or procure products and services that they may need.
  • We highly recommend regularly reviewing your profile and adding team members to fully capitalize on the benefits of your membership.

3. Your Team 

  • The Your team section shows the personal information of you and your team. 
  • There are two roles provided to you to better manage your dashboard. One is Administrator user and one is normal user. By default person who register is given an admin role and also assigned as Key Contact.
  • Only Administrator will be able to edit Company information and details of any team member. Normal user can only edit their own details.
  • You will see a Tag as against your profile if you are an Admin.
  • You will see a key () symbol against your profile to determine who is the key contact.

  • The button will expand the page allowing you to see more information. 
  • Click on to add your team mates so that they can access the dashboard. Enter their First Name, Last Name, Email and Job Title and click on . Please note Adding a Team Member will not give dashboard access to them, you have the option to Enable login whenever you want to give access to them. Please follow next steps to give access.

  • Click on the gear () icon against the profile you just added and you will see an option to enable their login as shown in the screenshot below. Enable login will trigger an email to the user and they will be able to setup their account and subsequently will also get access to the dashboard.

  • You can also see options to Make Key Contact and Promote to Admin. You can change Key Contact at any time and also if you want you can promote any user to Admin or demote any user to normal user. It depends on your use case.


  • Key Contact is automatically given Administrator privileges
  • There can only be one Key Contact but you can have multiple Administrators.
  • Renewal emails are only received by a Key Contact.

4. Contact MSDUK 

  • The contact MSDUK tab redirects you to your email so that you can directly contact MSDUK support.

5. Help Centre

  • The help centre button redirects you to help page where you can find recent documentation related to dashboard, registration, renewal and FAQs.