Corporate Registration

Welcome to the registration guide for becoming a Corporate member through the MSDUK portal. This section is designed to walk you through the process with clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure a seamless registration experience.

Corporate Registration

On the home page of the MSDUK website (, click on and it will redirect you to MSDUK portal where you can login and register as a Corporate.

Once you are redirected to MSDUK portal click on .

Complete the form to create a user account with a password. This user account will allow you to log in and conveniently complete your application. Please choose the membership level that you wish to subscribe to in order to begin the application process. You can select either Regular or Chartered.

The Charter members have an opportunity for your senior leaders to get elected to the MSDUK Board of Directors or lead sector-based industry working groups, priority to sponsor our signature events including the annual conference, business awards, opportunity days and major programmes, opportunity for C-Suite executives to deliver keynote and / or present at key events, and exclusive invitation to CPO forums and leadership dinner.

For more information please visit -> Corporate Benefits

On the next page you will see a screen which will ask you to verify your email address and in case you didn't receive email click on .

Here there are three sections which need to be completed in order to register as a Corporate. You can navigate in any section anytime and fill out the information. Once all the required fields are complete you will be able to complete the registration. If any section is incomplete it will marked as Red and if the section is complete it will be marked as Yellow.

  1. Business Details
  2. Contacts
  3. Membership and Payment 

1. Business Details

  • Provide the details of your organisation.
  • You will have to mention the organisation name, address and the town/city your organisation is based in.
  • Post code, phone number(with country code) and website details  of the organisation  must be filled in.
  • You have the option to choose multiple industry sectors that your organization is involved in. 

2. Contacts

  • The contacts form allows to add your contact details as well add a colleague.
  • Your first name, Last name and Email will be automatically filled, however, when adding a colleague you need to enter all the details for them.
  • Provide your position in the organisation under the section of Job Title.
  • You also need to select your Corporate Role from the options of Buyer, Supplier Diversity Professional or Member of Staff. If you select either Buyer or Supplier Diversity Professional you must also select your primary areas of interest (procurement)

  • The primary areas of interest allow you select the areas in which your business is interested in

  • The click to add addition colleague option allows you to invite a colleague as your team member and keep them informed about the programmes and activities.

3. Membership and Payment

  • The membership and payment section is the final step to the registration process.
  •  At this stage, you will be asked to provide your preferred membership start date, membership payment terms, and consent to have your logo showcased on the website.
  • You have the option to choose your preferred method of payment, which can include Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Transfer.
  • You have the option to choose how you would like us to send you the invoice. You can select from either receiving it through a generic email, a specific person, or the supplier portal. Depending on your selection, you will be prompted to fill in the necessary fields.

  • Clicking on the Review and Submit button will take you to a review page where you can carefully review all the information you have entered and go back to make any necessary changes if needed.
  • All required fields must be completed in order to proceed to the review page.


  • Once the form is submitted you will see below page. Please allow us to 8-10 working days to process your application and once your application is approved you will be able to access your dashboard and if your preferred start date is after 

  • You will also receive a confirmation email after successfully submitting the application.

  • In case you face any issues with registration, feel free to reach out to and MSDUK team will look into it.